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10th July 2010

posted 8 Aug 2010, 05:00 by Narssimhan Kannan   [ updated 8 Aug 2010, 05:06 ]
This morning I went and delivered all the 600 notebooks Mr. and Mrs. Bhatia had donated to the school. Had driven down with the books yesterday from Mumbai. This should take care of the notebook needs of all the children for the entire year. I was helped by Mr. Kiran Sahasrabude (the person who introduced me to this school) and Mr. Kisan More (one of the teachers). The children were beaming. :)
They had been studying without any notebooks all this while since the start of the academic session this year. When I got to know this last week, I was very disturbed and immediately called Mr. Kamal Bhatia who promptly arranged for more than 800 notebooks. A very satisfying day...