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18th Nov 2010

posted 21 Nov 2010, 05:00 by Narssimhan Kannan
It has been two months since I went to Pune. Have been talking to Mr. Bhalke over the phone. The school has been closed for vacations. It will reopen next week. I sent him the cheque for the fees of October. We discussed how the cheque went to his house, came back and then was sent again. Finally, I guess it should reach him tomorrow (19th). Mr. Bhlake was not in Pune for around 10 days.  
We also discussed when we will start the work on the plastering. I promised Mr. Bhalke that after I complete my project at Bangalore, I will plan for a trip to the school and we will start the plastering. We have already collected Rs. 20,000 and the rest I will conjure up in the coming week.
Mr. Bhalke shared with me how he was down with fever for the last two weeks and has not been able to do much for the school. I also shared with him my inability to visit the school due to work and other personal commitments. Looking forward to the trip to Pune...