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25th June 2014

posted 5 Jul 2014, 22:13 by Narssimhan Kannan   [ updated 5 Jul 2014, 22:21 ]
I had booked my tickets on the Indrayani Express both ways. I didn't want to drive. Boarded the train at Thane and promptly went of to sleep. My mom had packed some dosas for me. Woke up, had them and slept again. Reached Pune by 9 am. Mr. Bhalke had come to pick me up from the station. 

We reached the school by 10 am. I got some chocolates for all the students on the way to the school. The children were having their recess when I reached. All of them came running to shake hands with me. Each one of them shook hands with me, including the tiniest one. 

I then met all the teachers and looked into the progress of the school. Mr. Bhalke had whitewashed the entire place. The building had a new look. The toilets were being used, but only occasionally as there was no running water (we need a pump). All the children had not joined back as many of them had not returned from their native place. 

I sat with all the teachers and we had a long discussion on the needs of the next academic year and the school in general. This is the list we created. 
  1. Economically challenged students - Marathi Medium 10 students @ Rs. 1,200 per student = Rs. 12,000. 
  2. Economically challenged students - English Medium 10 students @ Rs. 3,650 per student = Rs. 36,500. 
  3. Four fans approximately Rs. 1,200 x 4 = Rs. 4,800. 
  4. Water pump approximately Rs. 3,000.
  5. Electricity connection (permanent) = Rs. 12,000.
  6. Bus fare per month = Rs. 8,500.
  7. Notebooks, drawing books, pencils, erasers, rulers, colour boxes and toys for the play school (Balwadi).
This is the list of economically challenged students chosen for complete sponsorship (notebooks, textbooks, uniform, shoes, tie, belt, monthly fee):

 Marathi Medium  English Medium
Std.Student Name Std.     Student Name
KgPrithviraj Aade1stAditya Budhiwant
1stKarthik Devre4thAbhishek Sharma
1st Sunny BateUKGSapnasingh Bagel
2ndSumeet Sonkamble         1st Gaurav Thakur
2ndSaloni Gaikwad4thSumeet Gupta
3rdOmkar Pole2nd Mahek Gaud
3rdNiranjan Bate2ndKaajal Gaud
3rdNisha Jadhav4thJivaram Devasi
4th Sachin Jogdand4thHarshad Dubey
4thVishal Ibeetdar1stMohammad Sheikh

We also discussed about the increase in salaries for the teachers. I mentioned that I will speak to the donors and let them know. It is fair that their salaries should be increased this year keeping in mind the rise in the cost of living and essential commodities. 

The names of the teachers and the proposed wages are as follows:

Name        Amount per month
Mrs. Manisha TanpureRs. 5,000
Mrs. Jayshree ThakurRs. 4,000
Mr. Santosh KambleRs. 5,000
Mrs. Vrushali BadveRs. 6,000
Mr. Bhaskar MaratheRs. 5,000
Mrs. Ashwini LakdeRs. 4,000
Mrs. Sangeeta Kalure (Maushi)Rs. 3,500
TotalRs. 32,500 

Some pictures of my trip are given here:


You can choose to contribute in any way you want. You can either donate for one of the one time contributions like the fans, one of the economically challenged students, water pump or make a monthly commitment for the salary of one of the teachers, or part of the bus fare etc. Write to me or call me on how you wish to contribute and we will make it happen, together.