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29th August 2010

posted 29 Aug 2010, 07:25 by Narssimhan Kannan
Met Mr. Bhalke in the evening today. He has been very busy the past two days. We discussed about the trip to Yahali last week and how we can manage to finance the computer lab, the science laboratory etc. for the Bhairavnath school. 
Later, he mentioned about the work tables we needed for the Yepre school and how he had found a fabricator who has agreed to make a table for just Rs. 800. We decided to buy three as every classroom needs one. I gave him the cheque of Rs. 2,400 in the name of the fabricator and also spoke to him. 
Mr. Bhalke informed me that the students who were not coming to the school due to their financial challenges had started coming from last week. If you recollect, we had received a donation from Mr. Anand Sharma for the fees for the month of August which I had given to Mr. Bhalke last week. Apparently, one of the the teachers and the principal had gone to each home to convince their parents. Now the challenge is to ensure that every month we collect the required money so that these children can continue. 
We also discussed about the teacher's salary issue where the school is facing a deficit of Rs. 10,000 every month. Actually, if we can take care of the salary of all the teachers and the miscellaneous expenses, no student will have to pay any fees. They will only have to pay for the transportation which also we can additionally take care of. 
I told him that we had collected around Rs. 6,000 apart from the school fees and the tables and we decided that we will save that for the plastering. I also updated him that this week I was planning to meet some possible donors in Mumbai and show them the work we are doing and urge them to contribute something substantial. Our company's board was also going to decide about the same this week. 
We concluded the meeting by planning to visit the Yepre school tomorrow morning.