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4th August 2012

posted 17 Sept 2012, 04:06 by Narssimhan Kannan   [ updated 17 Sept 2012, 04:15 ]
The academic year initiation function was conducted a little late this year. We have faced a lot of challenges lately. But, we have struggled and ensured that we deliver on our promises.

I have a lot to cheer. Let me share with you some of the good news:
  1. The school re-opened on 15th June 2012.
  2. Two new teachers have been appointed.
  3. The total number of students in Marathi medium has increased from 54 to 84.
  4. The total number of students in English medium has increased from 44 to 85.
  5. The total strength of the school has increased from 98 to 169.
  6. School timings have been changed to accommodate the new students.
    1. English Medium -  7:30 am to 12:30 pm
    2. Marathi Medium - 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm
  7. Stationery (pencils, erasers & sharpeners) and notebooks were provided for all the students of the school.
  8. Mr. Kiran Yepre, was elected as the member of the Pisoli Gram Panchayat.
  9. The function was presided by Mr. Pratap Thorat, President of the Rotary Club - Hadapsar, Pune. The Rotary club has also pledged support for the school.  
  10. Ten students from both the Marathi and the English medium were given uniforms, books, shoes, tie, belt and I-Card keeping in mind that they are economically challenged. The names of the students who received this are given below. 
Marathi Medium English Medium
Std. Student name Std. Student name
2nd  Vishal Doshiwar 2nd Krishna Matral
2nd  Yash Ingulkar 2nd Abhishek Sharma
2nd  Yash Abdar 2nd Mukesh Dewasi
2nd  Kavitar Vaishnav 2nd Shalu Shahu
4th  Nikita Vaishnav 3rd Saloni Shahu
Kg Snehal Shinde 3rd Pratibha Sharma
Kg Swapna Dabe 3rd Krishna More
4th  Soni Gupta U.KG Digamber Dongre
4th  Snehlata Gupta 1st  Charulata more
1st  Nisha Jadhav 4th Poonam Sharma

Some pictures of the event are given here:

Thank you for your support as all this progress has been possible only because of you.