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6th Sep 2010

posted 6 Sept 2010, 03:21 by Narssimhan Kannan
Mr. Bhalke and me met at the school at around 1030 am this morning. I wanted to meet the students for a long time and today seemed a great opportunity. It was recess at the school when we arrived and thus all the students were playing outside. They came and shook hands with us and then started complaining to Mr. Bhalke about each other. 
After discussing about the school, I told Mr. Bhalke that the fees for the next month had also been arranged for. I had received a call from a kind donor yesterday about it. We were still left with the challenge of the salaries and the plastering. 
Mr. Bhalke then suggested that I meet the students and take some group photographs with them. We did the English medium section first and then the Marathi medium. I then met the set of students who had recently started coming to school because of our efforts. The meeting was extremely moving. I took a separate picture with them. Out of the 15 who could not come, nine have started coming while we are still in the process of convincing the balance six. Three have promised to come to school from tomorrow. For me, meeting the nine children was very important. 
On our way back, Mr. Bhalke was mentioning about how in Yahali when they had a school only till the 8th standard, girls used to be married just after their 8th grade. Now since the school is till the 10th grade, girls are allowed to study at least till the 10th and then either get married and a very few continue to Junior College. This year has been good as it has rained but all the last several years it never rained and thus there has been  extreme poverty in the region. The children were not even able to pay the examination fees most of the time. Sad...but true.