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7th Feb 2014

posted 18 Apr 2014, 10:44 by Narssimhan Kannan   [ updated 18 Apr 2014, 10:51 ]
In my post of 24th Jan 2014, I had written about how the children were preparing for their Annual Day. We were supposed to celebrate the Annual Day on the 26th Jan but couldn't as we did not get a proper ground or hall. The next date proposed was the 7th of February. 

I adjusted all my appointments so that I could make it for the Annual Day (not that I have many appointments!). The ceremony was scheduled for 4:30 pm. I left at around 12 pm from my office at Goregaon, went to Dadar and took the first Shivneri to Pune. The trip was healing. Every time I travel to Pune, I heal myself a little more. It is a cathartic process. 

The long drive makes you think about everything that is going around you and there are times when everything comes into focus while sometimes everything just becomes a blur. Just like life. I reached Pune and Swapnil Bhalke, Sunil Bhalke's eldest son came to the Shivneri bus stop to pick me up. 

We picked his mother and newly wedded wife along the way and rushed to the venue. The children were all waiting. We immediately started the puja and then the speeches. I was asked to say a few words and for the first time, I did say just a few words. I asked the children to thank their teachers, their parents and the people who help run the school. They all shouted in unison. 

Once the speeches and prize distribution were done, the dances began. I went and sat with the children. Many of them enveloped me and asked me about how I was and journey. I was overwhelmed by the affection and attention. Once the children started performing, I asked all of them to be quiet and watch the programme. Here are a few snapshots of the programme. Enjoy!